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Welcome to the University of Washington School of Pharmacy Practice Experience Database Information web site.

From here you will be able to view information about your site and find out which students have been assigned to your site for Advanced Practice Rotations. You will also be able to find your student's email address and online résumé.

To find your Site(s):

To gain access to our database you must enter your assigned Preceptor PIN. If you have forgotten, click here to find yourself in our database or click here to send an email note to us and we will reply with your Preceptor PIN.

To Evaluate a Student:

In order to evaluate a student if you need your Preceptor PIN, and evaluation instructions click here to get access to information regarding the evaluation process or you may click here to send us an email message by clicking here.

Please enter your email address and Preceptor PIN below and click on the button:

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